Oriental Zen Tea



Oriental Zen Tea

Wild-harvested Tea Types Include:



 By drinking green tea before meditation in ancient China, one was able to have more energy and stay awake during the meditation. Green tea is the least oxidized of all the tea types and has more polyphenols than other tea types. The taste of Wild Green Tea is mellow and fresh. Although green tea has many health benefits, it tends to be hard on the stomach and other tea types may be better for those with stomach or digestion problems.*


White tea was made by clairvoyant immortals in ancient China. This tea type s the rarest of all teas simply because the tea leaves are picked shortly before the buds have opened. Wild White Tea is light and delicate in taste with a slightly sweet flavor that sharpens the senses without overwhelming the tongue. It has less caffeine than other tea types and far less than coffee, making it an excellent choice for lowering caffeine intake. Some research suggests that white tea is a wonder tea in terms of health benefits.*


Wild Rock Oolong Tea is a type of oolong that gets its name from its unique taste. The tea trees grow in more rocky terrain, and the tea trees absorb the minerals from their environment. As these tea trees are sometimes dangerous to get to, ancient Chinese would train monkeys to pick the tea leaves. Oolong tea is said to be good for treating skin disorders, reducing inflammation and calming the mind.*


Bringing Wild Black Tea from the mountains to share with friends after years of mediation and seeing the world with acute clarity. Wild Black Tea is mellow with a smooth taste and natural sweetness. It is said to be good for those with digestion and stomach problems.*

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