Premium loose leaf teas can be purchased by the ounce with a minimum order of 2 ounces.


Rooibos, also known as Red Tea, is a tisane or herbal beverage that is a flavorful, caffeine free alternative for those who are seeking to eliminate caffeine. No matter what it is called, everyone agrees that Rooibos is  delicious, naturally sweet and is a wonderful base ingredient in herbal blends. 

Tumeric Ginger Rooibos


Packed with healthy goodness! This tea contains Rooibos, apples, fenugreek, cardamom, lemon, black pepper, cinnamon, clove, ginger and turmeric.

Price: $4.15

Corsican Pear Spice


This fantastic rooibos based blend of dried pear, apple, orange blossoms and cinnamon was designed to transport your taste buds back to the warm coast of Corsica.

Price: $4.15



A sweet fruity taste with a floral aroma created by a smooth blend of Rooibos, black currants, rose hips, lavender, red currants, rose petals and blueberries. Delicious hot or iced!

Price: $3.95

Pomegranate Vanilla


A delicate, classy flavor of a mild pomegranate taste with mild notes of vanilla. Try this one iced!

Price: $4.15

Sunshine Lemon


Brew yourself a pot of this tea and taste the delicious sweet flavor of fruity fresh lemons mixed with the mellow herbal character of Rooibos. Fantastic served over ice or piping hot, this will remind you of a warm summer day!

Price: $2.50

African Summer Honeybush


Capture a taste of the exotic plains with every sip! Inspired by the hot climate of the African Serengeti, a unique blend starting with honey bush, a smooth tasting relative of rooibos, eucalyptus, safflower and marigolds with the added zest of citrus and rosehips.

Price: $2.76

Sweet Berry Red


This naturally caffeine-free blend of soothing botanicals is perfect for reducing stress and enhancing a peaceful night of sleep. Antioxidant-rich rooibos, juicy blueberries and sweet-tart hibiscus give this tea a full-bodied, berry flavor. A touch of chamomile provides additional calming benefits.

Price: $4.15

White Swiss Truffle


Better than sex! An exquisite sweet chocolate explodes at the first sip and tidbits of mint meander throughout. The character of the white chocolate is perfectly balanced by the subtleties of the Rooibos and the hint of mint that was added to round out the blend. Why is it better than sex? There is no need to fake anything when enjoying this cup of tea - any sounds of pleasure you feel inclined to emit will be all natural! Delicious both hot and iced!

Price: $4.25

African Safari


A green rooibos with honey bush, safflowers and rose hips with pomegranate flavor. High in anti-oxidants, vitamin C and caffeine free with a tangy pomegranate taste.

Price: $2.99

Thai Lemon Ginger


The delicate tart nature of lemongrass offsets the inherit sweetness of rooibos and ginger offers a spicy twist. A delicious ginger, lemon, calendula petals and rooibos combination

Price: $3.89


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