Premium loose leaf teas can be purchased by the ounce with a minimum order of 2 ounces.


Puerh tea is in a category all it's own. From the Yunnan province of China and aged for up to 15 years, this rich earthy flavored tea  is famed for its wonderfully deep, rich, and unique earthy flavor. Organic black puerh leaves infuse strong for 3-4 infusions.  

16 Years


This is a loose puerh tea. dry leaves have a nice appearance with the typical smell of hay, and maybe a little wood. a rinse, the tea infuses quickly to a beautiful, clear, dark amber. leather smell is a bit more enhanced in the infused tea. taste is full and very pleasing

Price: $5.17



The taste is sweet, round and deep with light notes of bitterness and astringency. The texture is silky, even velvety, with after suggestions of grains. Repeated infusion reveals more sweetness.

Price: $4.89

Scottish Caramel


Dessert in a cup. The rich sugary taste of caramel is a lovely complement to the rich earthiness of Puerh for a sweetly decadent finish.

Price: $5.95

Chocolate Puerh


This velvety infusion combines black Pu?erh tea and cocoa.

Price: $5.95
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