Premium loose leaf teas can be purchased by the ounce with a minimum order of 2 ounces.


Often referred to as the "champagne of teas", ...

Orange Flower


Organic oolong tea, jasmine blossoms, organic lemon myrtle and the essential oil of orange, all natural ingredients, are blended to create this exquisite oolong tea.

Price: $6.50

Ginseng Oolong


* The perfect solution for a drowsy afternoon. Superior oolong tea is mixed with ginseng roots to produce a delicious tea that nourishes your body and replenishes your energy. This tea has a rich crisp oolong taste with a strong pleasing ginseng aftertaste.

Price: $13.00

Amber Oolong


As the name implies, this special Oolong deepens to a dark amber hue in your cup. It tends to have a Sweet, fruity, biscuit aroma. The taste is slightly smoky with a hint of dark chocolate.

Price: $8.25

Alishan Oolong


When brewed, it has a pale yellow color with a light orchid aroma with a slightly sweet, yet complex flavor which is said to resemble fruits and flowers.

Price: $8.25

Formosa Oolong


A darker oolong tea from Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa, which means Beautiful, this darker oolong tea is a lovely introduction to Taiwanese tea. It has an autumn leafy note with a deep raisin and ripe fruit aroma.

Price: $8.00

Caramel Toffee Oolong


A great substitute for heavy, blended coffee drinks. This tea contains hazelnut brittle, with caramel pieces. The caramel and rich, buttery toffee compliment the dark flavor profile of this heavily oxidized oolong that is closer in character to a black tea.

Price: $6.10

Ti Kwan Yin Flowery Supreme


This oolong tea of China is a medium bodied Ti Kwan Yin with floral fragrance so pronounced you will think you are drinking a flavored tea.

Price: $9.75
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