Premium loose leaf teas can be purchased by the ounce with a minimum order of 2 ounces.

Green Tea

Green Tea is widely enjoyed not only for medicinal benefits, but for the many dimensions of flavor that can be experienced through the different varieties. Green tea contains light to medium caffeine.

Tropical Green


A flavorful blend of exotic passion fruit, mango, grapefruit and fragrant green tea. Refreshing either hot or iced!

Price: $3.53

Mint Julep


A blend of organic green tea with organic spearmint, licorice root and peppermint leaves.

Price: $4.59

Organic Houjicha


Organic Houjicha is made of organic Japanese bancha tea, a mixture of pan-fired and slow roasted green tea leaves that yield a rich, nutty brew. Escape and find your retreat with this organic green tea.

Price: $6.13



Genmaicha tea is comprised of sencha green tea blended with roasted brown rice. The dry tea leaves are accompanied with brown rice kernels and puff rice. The taste is pleasant with a hint of roasted rice and a mild aftertaste. The aroma is a light scent of freshness and roasted rice.

Price: $5.75

Kyoto Cherry Rose


Sencha green tea, rose petals and cherries.

Price: $4.85

Coconut Green


Green tea blended with coconut.

Price: $4.25

Spicy Basil Lemongrass


This is a very distinct tea! The grassy notes of green tea balance the bold taste of the basil and the delicate citrus flavor found in the lemongrass. Will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed!!

Price: $3.89

Organic Bancha


An intense tea providing the experience sought by green tea enthusiasts the world over. Relaxing yet uplifting.

Price: $4.50

Green Pekoe


Creating a very mild cup of green tea with a pleasing sweetness, Green Pekoe is one of the most popular teas in China and a very common everyday tea in the US.

Price: $5.95

Cinnamon Apple Green


A great combination of spicy cinnamon and sweet apples. Green tea with cinnamon and apple.

Price: $3.25


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